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Sienna Golden Malik is an Orlando, Florida based essayist, screenwriter, vinyl collector and the mother of two beautiful cats. Most of the essays she writes entail her yelling about how good her vinyl collection (or cat collection) is, but the stuff that actually makes it to print seeks to hybridize the personal with the cultural, the analogue past with the digital present, and traditional prose with other written forms (travel guides, screenplays, cookbooks, etc). Her dialogue-driven dramedy screenplays likewise explore the connection of their characters to place, time and popular culture. Sienna is well aware of how unbearably pretentious she sounds right now, but promises that her writing is actually pretty hilarious, and remarkably insightful.

Sienna holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Central Florida, where she was a recipient of the Provost Fellowship. In 2019 her script "By the Dashboard Light" made it to the semi-finals of the Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition, and in 2020 "Mile Zero" placed as a semi-finalist. Her work has appeared in online publications such as Odyssey and Thought Catalog.

Sienna currently works as a a content manager within the field of wildlife conservation. Her passion for writing and filmmaking, and dedication to supporting other artists in these fields, has also led her volunteer roles in arts administration and community arts. Before relocating to Orlando, she served as a juror and copywriter for a film festival in her native Media, Pennsylvania. During her time at UCF, she served as the secretary of the Graduate Writers Association, mentored undergraduate screenwriting students, and led creative writing lessons at an alternative school in Central Florida.

Hopefully there will be more accolades/publications/acts of goodwill soon, but the cats will probably need to get off of Sienna's keyboard for that to happennnghg8ut9g8g9y igdiogdid9e

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